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Convert APE, FLAC, Wavpack, Ogg, MP3 Encoded Files Under Linux

The below should work out for x86_64 platform too.

Start with

Go to //supermmx.org/linux/mac , hope everything is pretty much clear to you as it was to me. (I have to heartily thank the developer from that site.) Scroll a little down and download mac-3.99-u4-b5.tar.gz to some directory and cd to it.

Running mac –help should show you the following:

[sourcecode lang=”plain” gutter=”false”]
[user@localhost mac-3.99-u4-b5]$ mac –help
— Monkey’s Audio Console Front End (v 3.99) (c) Matthew T. Ashland —
Proper Usage: [EXE] [Input File] [Output File] [Mode]

Compress (fast): ‘-c1000’
Compress (normal): ‘-c2000’
Compress (high): ‘-c3000’
Compress (extra high): ‘-c4000’
Compress (insane): ‘-c5000’
Decompress: ‘-d’
Verify: ‘-v’
Convert: ‘-nXXXX’

Compress: mac.exe "Metallica – One.wav" "Metallica – One.ape" -c2000
Decompress: mac.exe "Metallica – One.ape" "Metallica – One.wav" -d
Verify: mac.exe "Metallica – One.ape" -v
(note: int filenames must be put inside of quotations)

Update: mac is available with yum now, just type

We will also need Lame, Flac, Wavpack , ID3V2, Oggenc, check it with running

Go to //lossless2lossy.sourceforge.net/#download and download lossless2lossy. (The script also supports ape2ape, ape2mp3, ape2ogg, ape2flac, ape2wavpack, flac2flac, flac2ape, flac2mp3, flac2ogg, flac2wavpack, wavpack2wavpack, wavpack2ape, wavpack2mp3, wavpack2ogg, wavpack2flac.)

The last command should show you something like:

[sourcecode lang=”plain” gutter=”false”]
mac: found
wvunpack: found
flac: found
lame: found
oggenc: found
id3v2: found

lossless2lossy version 1.2 (//lossless2lossy.sourceforge.net/)

QUESTIONS, suggestions, found bugs or requests visit //sourceforge.net/projects/lossless2lossy/


[how to use lossless2lossy.sh]


To be continued with ape to m4a converting (or encoding to MPEG4 for ipod).

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