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Fedora 10 to 11 on Acer Aspire 6930 Update with Preupgrade

Finally, I have transferred my main working laptop, Acer Aspire 6930, to Fedora 11. Fedora 11 is much faster than Fedora 10, mate, and I find it really amazing.

Before starting the upgrade process , I was updating the system in chunks during the day to make it sort of unobtrusive.

Backup mysql. Backup everything.

All the rest is described in my previous post.

Fedora 11 Yum Preupgrade

Fedora 11 Yum Preupgrade

My system has quite a pack of packages, about 2800. It took about 6 hours to upgrade everything which was quite annoying. So, I make a note for the future: always upgrade from a DVD-ROM. One more pro for DVD upgrade is that Fedora 11 comes with ext4 (more efficient) file system while I still have ext3. However, in my situation, I would spend a lot more time for transferring lots of data outside my laptop…

Anyway, everything worked out almost smoothly. Everything regarding upgrade finished, I logged in into GNOME and found out it looks not really as I expected it to (fonts, window decorations, blah). I did not want to waste my time for struggling with someone else’s bugs, so I immediately reset the look and feel to default. I logged out to the login screen and pressed Alt-Ctrl+F2 to switch to other than X console, logged in from command line and issued the following:

Pressing Alt-Ctrl+F7 brought me back to the X login screen, I logged in and saw GNOME in a virgin state ready to be customized. For a change, I looked at this page, downloaded the package, unpacked it and run the install script.

(Disclaimer: do the above at your own risk. Do everything you read here at your own risk, however…)

Anyway, my Firefox now looks something like the below piece:


Mac 4 Linux on Fedora 11 (GNOME)

Oops, they did it again… I mean they rewrote the sound stuff and brought it to an unworkable state … again …. . After I logged in next time, I realized there is no sound at all. So, after googling and some hour of experimenting, I came up to the following.

Insert there and save (watch for a new line to be present after the text line!):

[sourcecode lang=”plain”]
options snd-hda-intel model=acer


The thing works back after running the below and adjusting all volume controls.

New Fedora 11 pulseaudio control

New Fedora 11 pulseaudio control

And the final step I did was getting rid of creativity efforts of the gdm team by switching to kdm login manager. To achieve this, I did the following:

Add line:

[sourcecode lang=”plain”]

Logon to KDE, go to System Settings -> Advanced -> Login Screen (or the like), choose whatever theme looks good for you, log out and make the system reboot.

The last thing was to bring back Alt+Ctrl+Backspace as a key shortcut for X server reload, somehow they had enough sense of humor placing it into the GNOME keyboard switcher applet which you have to run and find the below in the preferences:

Bring back Alt+Ctrl+Backspace

Bring back Alt+Ctrl+Backspace

That’s all, folks, enjoy if you are still able to…

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