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Fixing broken Samsung ML-1630W installation after Fedora upgrade

After yum upgrade from Fedora 10 to Fedora 11, my Samsung ML-1630W refused to work. Examining the proprietor’s drivers control panel¬† showed that printer support is deeply down.

Please note that I have never needed wireless support for this printer yet, so everything is based on the USB connectivity only.

Samsung ML-1630W

Samsung ML-1630W

First, I removed the files as described in Files Installed by the Samsung v3 Driver (excluding lib* files, of course) and rebooted.

The below is based on this and this pages.

Write and save:

[sourcecode lang=”plain” gutter=”false”]
name=OpenPrinting LSB-based driver packages

name=OpenPrinting LSB-based driver packages of SpliX

After save:

Go to System -> Administration -> Printing in GNOME menu panel and enable the printer.

Enable Samsung ML-1630W in Linux

Enable Samsung ML-1630W in Linux

After this is done,  you should be able to print from any application without rebooting.

Set both enabled=0 to exclude from any further operation.

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