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Fixing Skype which Accidentally Stops Working in Fedora

I was updating something today and I noticed that skype could not sign in any more showing accidental crashes after I entered the password.

Running skype from command line showed three beautiful lines like that:


and running dmesg showed the following:


I am not sure that the update was the reason for the crashes, but the fact is that it has been working since installation without any troubles with sound and video including today’s morning. I googled a little and tried the following fix which appeared to be working.

Create a launcher wrapper in your local ~/bin directory.

Insert the following code inside and save:


Edit your skype GUI launchers to use skype.sh instead:

Fixing Skype in Fedora

Fixing Skype in Fedora

Probably the guys from skype Linux team should be kindly asked to create a newer version of their epic software…

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